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Hiiiiiiii, Yuletide Author!

You are amazing for writing for me, and I'm sure I'll love anything you come up with. I love individual character studies as well as ensemble pieces, I love characters being smart, being raw, being complicated, being friends. I REALLY love a good dramatic reveal. (Dramatic reveals are a one of my largest narrative kinks.) I'm okay with violence and death - look at my fandom requests - but I'd rather it not be lovingly detailed and dwelt upon. I don't think anything I've requested really lends itself to graphic sex.


Fix it, please. Fix it, fix it, fix it.

For my money, the show always had to end with Dexter dead or in jail or on the run. At the very least, it had to end with people knowing. There are a variety of things I would love, along that vein. Miami Metro piecing everything together after the finale - exonerating Doakes and figuring out exactly what happened to Maria. Deb making the other choice at the end of S7. Miami Metro figuring it out at any point.

As for characters, I will note that I love LaGuerta. I know she's not generally well-liked, but I was rooting for her like I've never rooted for anyone. I know she's not on the character list, but if you choose to use her I'd love if there was no villainization.

I actually really like Hannah as well - a character study of her would be awesome, but it really doesn't need to gloss over her flaws. If you do happen to be one of the people who liked the finale, I'd love to see a piece about her and Harrison as the years go by.

Really, though, anything you come up with has to be better than what the writers did at the end there.

I don't really have much to add here, other than that if you liked (or didn't like!) the finale, I'd also love to see Miami Metro figuring out what had been going on all along, and the fallout on a personal and professional level.


Fix it, please?

Generation X (Comic)

I would love to see team-fic! Gen or world building would be great. It could be an exciting adventure or a moment of downtime or the fallout of living the kind of lives that they do. AU or set during the comic or future fic would all be excellent.

If you do want to do something shippy, I ship Paige/Angelo and Emma Frost/Awesomeness.

I love this comic growing up, and I'd really just like to revisit the 'verse. Unless you want to make it AU or futurefic, in which case I'd just love to see some or all of these characters again. You could pick someone and do a character study! You could look at their dreams and aspirations, their families, the family they built in Snow Valley, or at how growing up as basically a soldier has impacted them.

Pushing Daisies

Olive Snook

I love Olive, and it makes me super sad how the show treated her. I would love something with Olive being awesome, and actually finding out what's been going on.

Olive. Olive. OLLLLLLLLLIVVVVVVVVE. <3 If you don't want her to find out what's going on, it would be great to just have her being awesome.

Dead Like Me

I would love future-fic! Ten, twenty, a hundred years on. Or character studies set in the present! Or random crossovers, if they strike your fancy! Basically, I've just been on a DLM kick, and I miss the show greatly.

A couple more things - I have not seen the movie. As far as I'm concerned, it's a thing that doesn't exist. I love all of the characters (even Joyce!) though Clancy is an un-favourite and I am especially taken with Roxy. I anti-ship George/Mason, though I love them as friends. Friendship fic would also be great.

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