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Hi, my most darling Festividder! Hello! For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, this is the first time actually writing one of these letters! I am super excited to be participating, and I hope that this letter can give you some guidance. Unless you already have ideas, in which case --

Right off the bat, I can tell you that I'm going to love whatever you do, and love you for making a vid for me.

There are no notes on music selection, because I'm good with pretty much anything. I listen to everything from country to hip hop to classical, with a lot of indie thrown in. I'm not a huge fan of death metal, but I really think you can make absolutely any song work if you vid it with intent. General vid thoughts: I love motion, character studies, humour, seriousness lurking below humour, humour spun out of seriousness, serious deconstructions, SCIENCE, magic, things that are just plain fun, things that are thinky, things that are things, awesome ladies, awesome characters in general, and awesome adventures. You also have pretty much carte blanch permission to go hay-wild on any and all BBC nature documentaries, if the urge strikes you. (As with all reasonable human beings, I <3 David Attenbourough.)


Adventure Time [TV]

I feel like Adventure Time is actually an incredibly rich fandom to play in. I'm particularly fond of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, as well as the Marceline and Simon backstory. You could do a character study, or delve into the darker world underneath the Candy Kingdom, or just go ahead a vid Finn and Jake adventuring. I'll love any of it!

Blue Planet [TV]

Please just play with this gorgeous footage and do something you're going to love. I do, however, have a special fondness for abyssal organism, deep sea monsters, and bioluminescence. Oh, and coral reefs!

The Emperor's New Groove [Movie, Safety]

This is one of my favourite movies - it is a sure cure for a grey day - and I would just love for you to do something fun with it.

The Muppets (live action) [Movie, TV, DVD, Web, Performance, Other]

Do whatever you want with whatever time frame of Muppets you want, and I will be a happy girl! (I haven't actually seen Muppet Babies, but everything else is game!)

Planet Earth [TV]

SCIENCE! But seriously, please just vid something that you'll love - the footage is so gorgeous. Feel free to take it any way you want to - a visual feast, a serious and epic piece of grandiosity, something off the rails and ridiculous. Flora or fauna or landscape or seasons or a mix. Water, earth, and air are all great! I'd prefer if it wasn't a timeline full of animals pulling each other apart, but I'm okay with animal harm in this context.

Power Play [TV]

This remains my favourite show, and I'll absolutely love anything you do with it. If you want to pick a character and do a character study, or do an ensemble or team vid, or vid about Canada and ghosts and hockey, it's all good! I will note that Colleen is my favourite, and Colleen/Brett is one of my few OTPs, in all their fucked up glory, but I really just love everything about this show.

Teen Titans Go! [TV]

I love pretty much everything this show chooses to be, and all of its characters. I'll be happy with anything! A team vid would be darling. (I am especially fond of Raven, however, and how she is Not Here For This Shit.)

Walking with Dinosaurs [TV]

Have you ever dreamed of making a vid of DINOSAURS? Here is your chance! Really, I just want you to make your (and my!) dream come true. (In this case, my dream is of a vid made of dinosaurs. You are automatically fulfilling it by filling this prompt.)
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