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My dearest, most darling Festividder:

Let me start out by saying that you're awesome. I don't know who you are, but I know the previous statement to be true because you clearly love awesome things.

(I'm repeating the first bit of my letter verbatim from last year, as my general preference have not changed.)

There are no notes on music selection, because I'm good with pretty much anything. I listen to everything from country to hip hop to classical, with a lot of hipster tendencies thrown in. I'm not a huge fan of death metal, but I really think you can make absolutely any song work if you vid it with intent. General vid thoughts: I love motion, character studies, humour, seriousness lurking below humour, humour spun out of seriousness, serious deconstructions, SCIENCE, magic, things that are just plain fun, things that are thinky, things that are things, awesome ladies, awesome characters in general, and awesome adventures. You also have pretty much carte blanch permission to go hay-wild on any and all BBC nature documentaries, if the urge strikes you. (As with all reasonable human beings, I <3 David Attenbourough.)


Brooklyn Nine-Nine [TV]

I would love something here about friendship and fun. Minimal shippiness would be awesome, because it's the whole-team dynamics and friendships I adore so much about this show.

Continuum [TV]

Sonnnnnnya. *desperate teary face*

I'm going to be happy with pretty much anything about this show focusing on its world building, on the past and future colliding, on politics or terrorism, or on Kira's dawning realizations about the world she comes from. I will also be extremely happy with a Sonya vid, or if she's incorporated into any of the above. Because Sonya. SONYA.

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers [Still Image]

This is made of sunshine and rainbows and puppies and I love everything about it. It makes me happy in my soul. I'd love something team-centric with a focus on friendships and fun, especially Storm and Wolverine being BFFs.

The Muppets (live action) [Movie, TV, DVD, Web, Performance, Other]

Muppets make me happy. I would love for you make yourself happy in making this vid, whatever era you want to focus on. Just as a heads-up, though, I haven't seem Muppet Babies.

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) [Movie]

I love how quiet and understated this movie is. How lush it is and how it lets itself breathe. Also, that it has Tilda Swinton. I'm going to love whatever you do with movie, as long as it's not just a Tom Hiddleston supercut. I'm totally up for him being in the vid, but there's a lot of other great stuff in the movie, too.

Planet Earth [TV]

SCIENCE! But seriously, please just vid something that you'll love - the footage is so gorgeous. Feel free to take it any way you want to - a visual feast, a serious and epic piece of grandiosity, something off the rails and ridiculous. Flora or fauna or landscape or seasons or a mix. Water, earth, and air are all great! I'd prefer if it wasn't a timeline full of animals pulling each other apart, but I'm okay with some animal harm in this context. I do however have a special fondness for abyssal organism, deep sea monsters, and bioluminescence. Oh, and coral reefs!

(If the urge strikes you to add more general science or nature footage, I am A+ Okay with that. If it doesn't, I'm super excited to see what you do with this series.)

Power Play [TV]

If you've watched this show, there is a very good chance you have listened to me flail at you AT LEAST ONCE at you about how much I love it, and can guess how much I love you, and you for having watched it. I love everyone in this show, and I will be happy with however you decide to go. I do especially love Colleen, though, so it would be great if she could be in it. Colleen Blessed/Brett Parker is one of my few great OTPs, but in a way where I acknowledge just how fucked up their relationship is, so feel free to include or ignore or condemn it. It's all good!

Teen Titans Go! [TV]

I love pretty much everything this show chooses to be, and all of its characters. I'll be happy with anything! A team vid would be darling. (I am especially fond of Raven, however, and how she is Not Here For This Shit.)
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