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It's that time of the year again, and my dear, darling Festividder, I just want to start by saying that clearly you have good taste in media. A++, would match with again.

General notes, before I get into specifics. I haven't included any musical notes, because I'm a firm believer you can make pretty much anything work if you vid with intent, and I listen to most types of music anyway.

Things I love in general (repeated verbatim from the last couple of years): I love motion, character studies, humour, seriousness lurking below humour, humour spun out of seriousness, serious deconstructions, SCIENCE, magic, things that are just plain fun, things that are thinky, things that are things, awesome ladies, awesome characters in general, and awesome adventures. You also have pretty much carte blanch permission to go hay-wild on any and all BBC nature documentaries, if the urge strikes you. (As with all reasonable human beings, I <3 David Attenbourough.)


Continuum [TV]


Sonya. Sonya. SONYA.

Which is to day, I'd adore a Sonya Valentine vid. I'm also going to be happy with pretty much anything about this show focusing on its world building, on the past and future colliding, on politics or terrorism, or on Kira's dawning realizations about the world she comes from. I will also be extremely happy with a Sonya vid, or if she's incorporated into any of the above. Because Sonya. SONYA.

Dead Like Me [TV]


I love everyone in this show (except Clancy), but I think I love the ladies best. (Roxy! George! Daisy! Reggie! Delores! Heck, I even love Joy.) Basically, as long as it's not a vid that's *just* about Mason and Rube, I'll be happy. If you want to go silly or serious or give me emotional whiplash, I'm there.

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers [Still Image]


This series is made of sunshine and puppies and rainbows and I love everything and everyone in it. I am however particularly fond of Storm. And Giant Girl. And -- okay, I love everyone. Something team-centric would be fantastic, especially if the team dynamic includes Storm and Wolverine's friendship.

The Muppets (live action) [DVD, Movie, Other, Performance, TV, Web]


This is probably my most specific request, because I would ADORE a Miss Piggy vid. Please. For moi.

Planet Earth [TV]


Hi! If we haven't met, my name is Cherry and I love science. And nature. Anything you do with this would make me exceedingly happy. I'd be happy if you wanted to throw in stuff from other BBC nature documentaries. I'd be happy if you just wanted to pick one episode and focus on that. I'd be happy with anything, seriously. Or anything not serious! This footage is such a visual feast that I'd just love for you to explore it in any way that makes you happy.

Power Play [TV]


Show of my heart. <3 Anything about this show will make me happy, but Colleen is my favourite. Colleen/Brett -- in all their fucked up glory -- is one of my few OTPs, which is odd because I don't actually know if I want them to be together in the end.

Basically, this show. <3 <3 If you want to pick a character and do a character study, or do an ensemble or team vid, or vid about Canada and ghosts and hockey, it's all good!

Touch of Pink [Movie]


This movie is charming and sweet and makes me happy. I'd love anything other than a constructed reality serial killer AU.

Come to think of it, a constructed reality serial killer AU would be creepy and awesome.

So anything, then.

Walking with Dinosaurs (1999) [TV]



Please make me something with dinosaurs.
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