Mar. 20th, 2004 12:30 pm
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I have internet at home again! Yay! (It only took three weeks, too.)

This is several weeks late and I feel awful for that, but it is here, right?


For the ASA fanfic-a-thon.

Jonah settles, Will is restless, and Sark just doesn't remember.

This one is for [ profile] researchminion, who wanted Sark not to know that Jonah was Will. It went a little beyond that, and I hope this is an acceptable offering.

Warnings: Some slash and language. Neither objectionably heavy. 14A

Archive: To your heart's content. Just let me know, please?

Feedback: Would simply be adored.

Invisible Ink )
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First off: This computer also seems to have decided that randomly booting me and laughing at me while I attempt to reconnect is an amusing past time. If I drop offline on you, my appologies. I'm not just being rude, I'm being picked on by my laptop. ::G::

Second: Request fic! LA's. This one gave me a bit of trouble, but I think most of the rough patches were at least kind of worked out...

Shades of Blue [Alias/Matrix] )

Side Note: If you don't read it here, you probably won't read it anywhere else.

SideSide Note: New icon. Pictures are fun.
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There is one small problem with a few of the fic-requests: I haven't seen 'Chosen' yet. I see Buffy when my aunt tapes it for me and sends it on out, but I'm beginning to be terribly afraid she missed it. So I'm afriad post-Chosen fic might be a bit of a problem for me to write. If anyone wants to make adjustments or new requests, that's fine. If there's anyone who just wants to make a new one, that's also good.

For [ profile] elvenjen4

Alias: Sarky-Goodness )

And, for [ profile] _nepthys_

(I know I said I was going to try the C/L, but this kind of ate a hole in my mind. How exactly would Bobby react to the whole Emma/Scott thing?)

Iceman/White Queen. R-ish for language. )

I did warn that the quality of these might be spotty, right?
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Because there is acutally something written and posted --

(And, yes, there are more than a few partially completed requests sitting on my computer. They're a'coming. ::G:: )

Summary: It’s all about Sydney. Except for when it’s not. [Will/Vaughn]
Warning: If you can’t tell by the pairing up there, there is slash. Odd, non-specific, almost not-slash, but if that's not your thing, there are plenty of stories floating around here which you may find more to your taste. Spoilers through the end of season two.
Thanks go out to: Jenny-O, for being kind enough to beta. Jen, for giving me a smack or two when I needed it. Archival: My site (, the ASA, and anyone who asks.

~Anon, Anon~ )

Comments: Will make me love you forever.

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