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For Christmas, one of my friends requested I put together some running music for her. Specifically, she asked for top 40, pop-radio type music. Now, this is something I will often actively avoid, with most of my exposure being through [ profile] ohnotheydidnt sources you can't avoid on the internet.

This has turned out to be quite educational, as I was operating under the assumption that Lady GaGa was actually a man.
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It appears that my iPod has been sneaking around behind my back, and cheating on me with gravity. It seems to have either taken a tumble on one of its adulterous romps, or it has contracted some sort of sexually transmitted (computer) infection, and will now do nothing but futilely grind its harddrive, and use its sad face (Photobucket) to express its contrition.

Or it was gremlins.
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There's nothing quite like discovering that the out-of-town wedding you're attending in November is actually the out-of-town wedding you're attending this Saturday.

Too many weddings. Seriously, people, can we hold off on the weddings for a bit? I'm drowning in gift wrap and ministers.
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I am not normally a huge fan of large national (or international) chains. I am relaxing this stance for Shopper's Drug Mart, however. What else is a girl to do when she gouges her arm open at 10:00 pm on a Sunday evening? Sadly enough, this is the second time in the last three years I have gouged my arm open on a Sunday evening, on the same piece of metal.

In other news, I overheard this conversation at school the other day, re: our pending election:

Friend One: "Stephen Harper (Conservative leader, current Prime Minister) gives me the willies. Aside from his scary-far right wing stance, I mean."

Friend Two: "I know! It's his eyes, I think. They're watery and flat. Almost like a sociopath's. Not that I'm saying --"

Friend One: "You'd almost have to be a sociopath, in order to not care about social programs to the extent that he does not."
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I am not an excellent chef on the best of days.

This? Is why you should not attempt to cook when you have come down with the Peruvian Death Flu.

Twenty minutes ago, that was my only favourite pot, a vegetable steamer, and my lunch for tomorrow.
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I am the most clever snowflake ever some days. Seriously. Through a series of events that don't need exploring at this juncture, involving messed up brakes, a flat tire, and a missed handing off of a tire pump, I became separated from my bicycle.

As such, walking to my place of employment to obtain said bicycle and tire pump (so that said bicycle could be walked, rather than carried, to the repair place) became necessary.

'Man,' I said to myself as I trudged along. 'Walking takes far too much time. I think I'll run.'

'Much better,' I said to myself as I ran, and promptly turned my ankle on some loose brick work.

Three x-rays and 28 hours later, it has been confirmed that my ankle is not, in fact, broken. It is merely inconveniently and impressively sprained.

It should be noted that it could be much worse. Unfortunately, this is my good ankle. The other one ended up pretty destroyed in a softball-related incident a few years back.

This is so incredibly, bloody, inconvenient. Cycling is out for two - three weeks, I'm not allowed to run for at least a month, and any weights that involved my feet/ankles are out for even longer. As biking/running/walking are my main modes of transportation, and I often work out to amuse myself, it appears I am going to have to take up polluting as both a method of transportation and as a hobby.
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My external hard drive has returned to me! It was, for some reason, crammed behind my bookcase -- a space I could have sworn was not deep enough for a mid-sized mouse, let alone an external. Ooops?

At least it wasn't in my freezer. I found a phone in there one time, which was even more confusing than the time I found a fork in my shower, or my work ID in the fridge beneath the spinach.

I... really have no idea.

In other news: For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, [ profile] tellitslant sent me an email entitled "Vampires are sexy, or something." This in and of itself brightened up my day. What made it, however, were the ads.

Meet Vampire Males - - Meet Local Vampire Males Near You. View Profiles 100% Free. Join Now! (I would hate to have to pay to meet blood sucking fiends. Seriously.)

Sexiest Celeb Vegetarians: Find Out What Celeb Is The World’s Sexiest Vegetarian (The message here is somewhat mixed.)

And, my favourite:

Necked Girls: Bargain Prices. Smart Deals. Save on Necked Girls! (Save on Necked Girls! Pay full price for the ones that are neck-impaired!)

Oh, Gmail.
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It was one of my good friend's birthday's the other day, and I was really at a loss as to what to get her.

"Hey," I decided. "Why don't I make her cookies? Pumpkin cookies. Yeah. I approximated a sesame noodle salad the other day, so I can totally handle baking cookies."

It should be noted that, as the next time I have a sandwich in my lunch I think I am going to set it on fire, I have been attempting to forage food. I prefer the term 'forage' to 'cook', as I only approximate recipes. "This looks good, but I think it needs more sweet peppers, and oregano instead of salt. That's about a cup, right? Ish? Wait, I have some carrots in my fridge I need to get rid of as well..."

As it turns out, this is the wrong approach to take with baking.

Things started to go down hill from the start. I had to, um, purchase every single ingredient except for cinnamon, ginger, and eggs. Baking is expensive when you don't own any of the ingredients.

"White flour can totally be replaced with brown, right? White flour is the devil. Oooh, bran. I can totally toss some of this in there without anyone noticing, right?"

"Oh, hey, I've already started putting everything together, but this recipe has oatmeal in it. They're mostly the same otherwise, right?"

"Man, there's no way I need that much oil. I'll just replace a cup of it with soy milk."

"I really wouldn't want to throw away the rest of this can of pumpkin. Into the batter you go!"

"... baking soda and baking powder can be used interchangeably, right?"

*dialing frantically* "Grandma, help! I just made cookie dough but I don't have a wire rack for cooling them ... Um. Or a cookie tray for baking them."

The upside is that they turned out to be edible! They are rather more like flat pumpkin-oatmeal muffins than cookies, but they are not entirely inedible. Plus, with the whole wheat flour, oatmeal, bran, pumpkin, raisins, and soy milk, they are actually very healthy.

A very healthy five dozen cookies. I don't even really eat cookies, people. I have five (well, three, as I've given away two) dozen pumpkin oatmeal cookies.
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I, uh, don't suppose anyone happens to know of a good way to get large amounts (say, about a half a bottle) of soy sauce out of carpet?

No particular reason, I swear.

OMG, seriously. How do I do these things?
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Seriously, people, this has been my day:

1) Get home from school to find have managed to lock keys into apartment. Damper on plans to do anything. Realize spare key, which was to be returned to my Grandma's place with tonight's visit (and use of her washer/dryer), is also locked into apartment. Building manager is M.I.A.

2) Walk to Grandma's house. Almost hit by car in snow and ice, turn ankle. Three hours later, building manager returns home, finds note I shoved under his door. Hobble back to apartment.

3) Building manager once again M.I.A. Chase over and around complex.

4) Secure entrance to apartment. Gather laundry, homework. Start car.

5) Realize have locked all keys into running car.

6) Electrical tape hold spare car key is a frozen, mangled mess. Try to go inside to obtain scissors/knife/pen.

7) Dash back to building. Block of snow splits, swallows ankle. Face v. cold from snow it ends up planted in.

8) Realize have locked spare apartment key into apartment once again.

9) Gnaw through electrical tape. Mmmm, electrical tape.

There are days that I think that I shouldn't be let out of the house without an adult. Then I realize that I am supposed to be one.
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I... am home from school before nine. I have no idea what to do with myself other than study for my five remaining exams this week and where's the fun in that? Admittedly, I am home because I skipped yoga due to the fact that I still have some woozy left over from my bought with the plague. And also, it's snowing a goodly amount.

So, embarrassing fannish admissions:

1) Every time I see "PWP," I wonder why the story is dealing with the Permanent Wilting Point.
2) For a really long time, I thought that 'Beastiality' was a fan fiction involving Hank McCoy.
3) At least once a week, I have to stop myself from updating my LJ with something lame and sciency.
4) I only just learned that the lyrics to the milkshake song are actually "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, it's better than yours" -- instead of "and their life is better than yours." Which always confused me.
5) When I wrote "Like Some Strange Shadow," I had Ray Kowalski listening to the Headstones. Not for any meta reason, but because I randomized my iTunes Canadiana playlist and that's what came up. For months, I had absolutely no idea why [ profile] brooklinegirl thought it was funny.
6) When I was first active in Due South fandom, I could not figure out why all of these non-college-aged women were all so very into then-underground Toronto punk rock group Billy Talent.

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