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Title: Convenient Parking
Fandom: Dexter/Criminal Minds
Music: Convenient Parking - Sun Kil Moon
Summary: The Behavioral Analysis Unit goes hunting for the Bay Harbor Butcher.

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Title: An Undone War Still Wages
Characters/Pairing: Ensemble, Jack Harkness/Rodney McKay.
Rating: 14A
Notes: Written as my third-straight pinch hit for Multiverse. One of these years, I will actually make the sign-up deadline. Many thanks are extended to [ profile] tellitslant for emergency beta. No specific spoilers for Who, end of season one for SGA.

There are always casualties.

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Can I just say I find it highly amusing that I get many times more feedback posting anonymously than with things posted under *my* name?

Title: As Wont To Do
Fandom: Firefly/SG1
Summary: Inara’s leaving. Really, she is. (Inara/Daniel)
Notes: This was written for Jen as a part of the Multiverse 2004. I was a very last minute pinch-hitter (and faking one of the fandoms; no points for guessing which one) so I hope this is acceptable. I haven't heard from her yet, so I don't know if she likes it.

Laertes is a nowhere planet in a nowhere system -- seven days off the nearest Alliance trade route, three days off the better-travelled one used by those of some disrepute. )

Comments: Make the world go 'round.
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First off: This computer also seems to have decided that randomly booting me and laughing at me while I attempt to reconnect is an amusing past time. If I drop offline on you, my appologies. I'm not just being rude, I'm being picked on by my laptop. ::G::

Second: Request fic! LA's. This one gave me a bit of trouble, but I think most of the rough patches were at least kind of worked out...

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Side Note: If you don't read it here, you probably won't read it anywhere else.

SideSide Note: New icon. Pictures are fun.

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