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Title: Land's End
Fandom: Doctor Who
Music: Land's End - Lazerbeak
Summary: River Song, awake in the waiting sea.
Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] hollywoodgrrl for beta. Spoilers through 6x07. (River Song, Amy/Rory, River/Doctor)

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Hey look, I am actually using my journal to talk about fannish things!

The Big Bang )
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Title: What We Had
Fandom: Doctor Who
Music: What We Had - Handsome Furs
Summary: Martha, Jack, Mickey. It's all just empty space. For the VividCon 08 "Fuck You" Challenges vidshow.

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This is special, guys. I'm attempting to engage fannishly.

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Jul. 5th, 2008 07:49 pm
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They say that slow and steady wins the race, but my torrent of the Who finale is not going to be winning any awards, even by that criteria.

31 days, 7 hours remaining. It is the fastest one I could find.
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Title: Dying
Fandom: Torchwood
Music: Hole
Rating: 14A
Character: Team
Spoilers: Season One
Summary: It gets under your skin.

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Notes: This is the first of two vids I made for this year's VividCon -- the second should be up tomorrow. This was for the fabulous [ profile] laurashapiro's Newbies Rock vid show.

There is no way that I can provide enough thanks for [ profile] elynross for this one, as she went far, far above and beyond the call of duty for any beta. Without her, it would have been a much different vid.


Jul. 3rd, 2007 08:05 am
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Re: Who )

In conclusion: Seriously?
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I am off to the remote wilderness of beautiful British Columbia for the next five days. It is going to be Most Excellent.

I leave you with ~400 words of Doctor/Master creepiness.

Spoilers for The Sound of Drums

Tabula Rasa )


Jun. 16th, 2007 06:17 pm
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If this episode was any more awesome, I think I would likely have EXPLODED.

Here there be spoilers. My coherency was checked at the door. )

Is it next week yet?
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I have much to say about Utopia. It is mostly in incoherent capslock.

But right now, I would very much like to pimp [ profile] plus_two. It is a comm that I have just made, dedicated to the cornucopia of awesome that is Jack, Martha, and the Doctor. It is not shiny yet, but I would like for it to have people, and content*. Content* is the most important thing, after all.

* In this case, "content" means discussion, squee, fiction, iconage, vids, various other fanworks, and pretty much anything that relates to at least one of: Martha, the Doctor, Jack.
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Now, I'm going to say right off the bat that I don't meta much. This is readily self-apparent.

With that out of the way: I'd like to talk about Jack Harkness for a bit.

Included are specific spoilers for S1 and S2 of Doctor Who, and a bit of vagueness for aired S3. Brief reference to That Utopia Clip JB showed on Jonathon Ross a few weeks back, and mention of trailer tidbits, and speculation for Utopia.

On Jack Harkness, Nine, Ten, and Companion Relationships, OR My Wishes For Tomorrow's Who. )

In conclusion: JACK!
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Quick update, as I have recently received text messages inquiring as to whether or not I was dead. Am not dead yet, just incredibly, insanely busy.

This is not a Torchwood reaction post (it was BRUNG). Nor is a letter to my Yuletide writer, for which I apologize. Both are forthcoming.

Instead, this is a silly bit I was tossing around with [ profile] tellitslant tonight, the first time I've been online in... well, some time. Her bits are removed, as they are mostly "OW MY BRAIN." She started it though, with talk of some sort of RPF in which DT has never had a physical reaction to anyone but SM ev-ah. The bits she c/p'd to me hurt my brain.

This? Is my first Drose story, R/R PLZZ. )

AN: If I get enough rvws I will keep going and I think in the next one Rose will find a crystal that gives her super KNOWLEDGE and she has to use it to fly the TARDIS and save teh Doctor!

Disclaimer: No small furry creatures were harmed in the creation of this chat log. Not to be taken seriously, srsly.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, small furry mammals:

I am proud to announce the grand opening of [ profile] tw_archives, a Torchwood fan fiction hub. We're interested in the whole crew, here, from Jack right on down to the weekly guest stars.

Het, slash, and gen are all adored.

I'm aware of the presence of [ profile] jack_in_cuffs. That was a rather awkward discovery, as it was pimped right before I was planning on making this one publicly known, but I've spoken with one of the mods over there, and we've worked out a compromise. It was all very civil. [ profile] tw_archives focuses on the less sexually graphic and gen fare, while, [ profile] jack_in_cuffs, now our sister community, specializes in darker or more sexually graphic stories.

I would absolutely love to have all those of you interested out.

*watch this space for an upcoming, super seekrit challenge* *duh-duh-duh*
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Then Sleep the Season
by [ profile] cherryice

For [ profile] doyle_sb4 in [ profile] romanathon, who wanted Romana as the last Time Lord, with Mickey as her companion. I hope that this will suffice.

The TARDIS is not her home, and she is more a stranger here than she has ever been.

Then Sleep the Season

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Just cross-posting this from the [ profile] romanathon community.

Just as a reminder, there is ONE WEEK until stories are due in. (There was an extension, yes, because I am magnanimious and wise.)

Now, I know that things come up, and life happens, so if anyone knows that they need to pull out, please tell me now. It gives me a bit of time to find a pinch hitter. Comments to this post are screened.

On a similar note, please drop a comment if you think you might be able to pull through with a pinch hit, if needed.

Thank you, and best of luck.
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Title: An Undone War Still Wages
Characters/Pairing: Ensemble, Jack Harkness/Rodney McKay.
Rating: 14A
Notes: Written as my third-straight pinch hit for Multiverse. One of these years, I will actually make the sign-up deadline. Many thanks are extended to [ profile] tellitslant for emergency beta. No specific spoilers for Who, end of season one for SGA.

There are always casualties.

An Undone War Still Wages )
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In all the hubbub, I didn't get around to mentioning that [ profile] tellitslant was down last weekend, and it was made of win. It's possible that we, um, watched all of The Key to Time. It's even more possible we also watched TFD, and some new Who (Jack on a screen bigger than my computer!), and then I force-fed her some Dead Like Me. There would have been Life on Mars as well, but it seems the gremlins have liberated the disk.

It is then possible (probable, even) that after having watched more television than I had in the last two months combined*, it was necessary to take a nice, long, run.

With further regards to Doctor Who: ... huh. Personally, I like the new publicity photos, adore Martha's hair, and fail to see how Martha in any way resembles Rose. (I get it now! They both wear CLOTHES!) Some of the talk -- well, I suppose there isn't much point commenting on, because all I can think is: Yes, I can see how you would think that if you were a crazy person.

If I was going to be up in arms about anything, it would be the tidbit about Jack, though I'm not really surprised. Also, I'm a tad too excited about Torchwood to get too worked up about it now, as S3 is many months away.

* My television stays unplugged for weeks at a time, people. Seriously. I am the least cool person ev-ah.
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My enforced absence from the interwebs ensured that I was sheltered from the fallout from Doomsday. I suspect there were Issues on both sides, yes.

This is not about that. This is something I have been wondering at since AoS/RotC.

Time Lords and the dimensional walls, eh? )
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Dear World at Large;

I guess it really was too much to expect everyone to keep their spoiler pants on for ten hours. My bad.

No love,

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