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This weekend, there was a little thing called con.txt. For those DS fen not there, there was also [ profile] out_of_con_txt, a lovely little ficlet and icon exchange. I wrote two short pieces for it:

Trav'ler in the Dark for [ profile] sprat. It's not that complicated. F/K, PG.

Delusions of Adequacy for [ profile] lozenger8. Dief gen.

Hi, DS people! I'm not always talking about Who these days, I swear.
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Next Year
By [ profile] cherryice

Ray Kowalski, July 1983.

This is my much belated entry for [ profile] picfor1000. Many thanks to [ profile] gurrier and [ profile] _bounce_, for beta. Image is behind the cut. Het/Slash.

Next Year )
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[ profile] ds_seekritsanta did the big reveal, so now I can tell you that I wrote Swing Low, Sweet Chariot for [ profile] laughingacademy, one of the two gen(ish) pieces in the results.

I've never taken part in a real community-type ficathon before, so I suppose I'm curious if any of you had any inkling that that one was mine.

Now, off to write my Firefly SeSa in the five hours before I head out for the evening...
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There was that 'Seven current favourite songs' meme going around for a bit, but I skipped it as some of my current seven favourite songs were uploaded in other music posts, so this is seven songs I enjoy.

1. You Sound Like Louis Burdett - The Whitlams. This is one of my favourite songs of all time. Energetic bluesy rock. (All my friends are fuck-ups, but they're fun to have around) Which really says it all.

2. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall. Upbeat folk (rock). (I said/Don't look back, just keep on walking)

3. Jupiter - Gustav Holst. Classical. I have a real soft spot for all of The Planets.

4. The Story - 30 Seconds to Mars. I... don't just like them because I have this thing about Jared Leto. Really. I don't even care if liking them damages my indie cred. Enjoyable techno-rock. A Beautiful Lie may not be one the albums I'd take to a desert island, but it is one I listen to a lot around the house. (I've been thinking of everything/I used to want to be)

5. Santa's Going to Kick Your Ass - The Arrogant Worms. Because it's Christmas season, and this song makes me laugh. Grab it if you like the Worms, Christmas, angry reindeer, or if you haven't heard the Arrogant Worms.

6. Handshake - Metric. I've pimped Metric before. Low-fi indie. (Buy this car to drive to work/Drive to work to pay for this car)

7. Sweet Home Country Grammar - Skynard vs. Nelly. I have only recently discovered Mashups, and this one is probably my favourite. I know, I wouldn't have thought it would work, either.

Let's make this multimedia. Icon linkage as well. 20 Due South icons.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Down the streets, the weeks roll by...
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25 Eclipse icons.

Comment, enjoy. Credit would be appreciated -- [ profile] cherryice or [ profile] iconsbycherry.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

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Title: Bury It With You

Author: [ profile] cherryice

Summary: Ray Kowalski, poco a poco.

Notes: This is a story about Ray Kowalski, and in its course contains RK&S friendship, RK/RV, RV/S, and RK/F. Written for [ profile] brooklinegirl, who came through for me with a last-minute beta at one point. This is not the story she asked for, but hopefully it is acceptable. Beta by the wonderful [ profile] estrella30.

Word Count:8,100

Bury It With You )
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19 due South icons.

Image hosted by * Image hosted by * Image hosted by

Burning Down The House )

Comment, enjoy. Credit is appreciated but not required.
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So, am moving.

Will see you all whenever I get internet hooked up.

As a parting note:


Ray's first time. No, not that one.

Not that one either.

The bad news for me (and fantabulous news for everyone else) is that [ profile] sprat also posted fic. Wonderful Ray/Ray that you can find here, that all five Due South people on my flist should go and read because they weren't going to read mine, anyway.

You all be good, now.
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This was my humble contribution for this year's Remix Redux challenge. The original, by [ profile] pearl_o, may be found here. Copious amounts of thanks are due to [ profile] brooklinegirl for last-minute beta.

Days like these are few and far between.


Shells (Nothing But Blue Skies Remix)


Mid October, bright and clear. )
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-- I don't have a test tomorrow morning. Really.

I wouldn't be making icons if I did, now would I?

Image hosted by . Image hosted by . Image hosted by

15 icons/bases/variations on a theme... )
Comment and enjoy. Credit is optional.
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Like Some Strange Shadow (Due South)

Ray's got nothing to prove. [Fraser/Kowalksi, 14A]

Pre- and post-CotW.

Thanks are due to the wonderful [ profile] brooklinegirl for beta.

Note: This was originally started for the (neck)ing challenge at [ profile] ds_flashfiction. It spiraled out of control and was eaten by my computer several times, so it's several times that word limit and I missed the deadline, but there are bonus points for anyone who catches the reference.

Like Some Strange Shadow )
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Every wondered what I look like when I'm stressed? I look like this.
(Which is a joke that works much, much better with people who can, you know, see me.


A question for the few due South people reading this: Is it common form and/or acceptable to post notices of flashfiction to [ profile] ds_noticeboard? I was suggested to me by at least one person (and I feel terribly, but I don't remember who -- I'm not a blonde, really) but I don't see others doing it.

(Of course, most others write dS fic other than on [ profile] ds_flashfiction, but.)

Passed Me By (due South)

Thanks To: [ profile] qe2 for beta.

Comments: Would make my day.

What have I become, my sweetest friend?

Passed Me By )
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It's possible I forgot to post this here.
(And by 'It's possible' I mean 'oops.')

Title: Chrysalis
Author: [ profile] cherryice
Summary: The emperor's new clothes. In reverse. [Fraser/Kowalski, PG]
Notes: Written for the 'Naked Without Sex' challenge at the wonderfully friendly [ profile] ds_flashfiction. Any comments would be adored.

Chrysalis )
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Two entries in one day. *Gasp, shock.*

Now, this? This is my first kick at the Due South fandom. For the 'ice' challenge at [ profile] ds_flashfiction -- and my goodness, the people over there are kind.

Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated.

~850 words, F/K.

Fraser's getting there.

Three Thousand Miles )

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