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Hermione, womanly pursuits, and death by degrees. [Post-War, dark]

Many thanks to [ profile] andrastewhite, for the beta. Archival is my site (, list archives, and anyone who lets me know they're taking it.

Feedback would be adored.

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I am now registered in university! ::Beams:: All my classes and labs and yay! Exciting.

It's the U of S, though.

So, here's how it all shook down. I was accepted to Queens, but not with as much money as the U of S. If I could have convinced my parents to pay me the money the gas station owed me for working after school (not random extortion -- we own the station) I would have been able to afford the downpayment and register.

Unfortunately, lame excuses like 'I worked, and would like the money for doing so' and 'You're not even paying me minimum wage for pumping gas, filling propane, and cleaning toilets, so it doesn't hurt you to write me a paycheque so I can afford to go to university' didn't go over well.

So. Yeah. That fell through.

Toronto? Ah, I held such naive hopes about Toronto. Like that they would make a decision on the status of my application before mid-July. I finally got a hold of a real person there, and was informed that they hadn't quite gotten to it yet.

All I can say is that if they're already/still this backlogged from the double cohort, they may have a problem or two next year.

The U of S has a pretty campus. The U of S has a pretty campus. The U of S has a pretty campus...

Request-fic. This one's for [ profile] musesfool. RL/SB, sometime between GoF and OotP.

Now, I know you wanted sweet, happy fic, and I tried -- I really did. But this made me realize that I've never written a sweet, happy fic. Ever.

So. Settle for vaguely amusing fluff?

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