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Title: Don't Panic
Fandom: Heroes
Music: Coldplay
Rating: PG-13
Character: Claire-centric.
Spoilers: Through 1x17.
Summary: We're all just sinking like stones.

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Notes: Many thanks to the wonderful [ profile] laurashapiro for beta, and to [ profile] nute, [ profile] elvenjen4, and [ profile] rawles for audiencing.
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Title: We Make the Road By Walking
Fandom: Heroes, Nathan
Spoilers: Through Parasite
Rating: 14A
Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] raucousraven and [ profile] dkphoenix for beta. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Nathan was fifteen when his father had his first heart attack. (There's a war at home.)

We Make the Road By Walking )
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Taking a bit more shameless advantage of my flist -- I don't suppose someone would have a few minutes to rip apart a Nathan-centric, post-Parasite story?
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After starting about four different vids (and then abandoning them after I have thirty seconds on the time line) it seems that inspiration struck, and I frantically pulled together a Heroes vid. Seriously, people, how much win is Heroes? I'm in the midst of a post-finishing glow, where I am fond of both myself and it.

The point that I'm working around to is this:

I don't suppose that there's anyone who might be willing to take a look at a Claire-centric Heroes vid?

Failing that, I don't suppose anyone knows someone who might be willing?

Pretty please?

Edit: You guys rock, thanks!

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