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I am not normally a huge fan of large national (or international) chains. I am relaxing this stance for Shopper's Drug Mart, however. What else is a girl to do when she gouges her arm open at 10:00 pm on a Sunday evening? Sadly enough, this is the second time in the last three years I have gouged my arm open on a Sunday evening, on the same piece of metal.

In other news, I overheard this conversation at school the other day, re: our pending election:

Friend One: "Stephen Harper (Conservative leader, current Prime Minister) gives me the willies. Aside from his scary-far right wing stance, I mean."

Friend Two: "I know! It's his eyes, I think. They're watery and flat. Almost like a sociopath's. Not that I'm saying --"

Friend One: "You'd almost have to be a sociopath, in order to not care about social programs to the extent that he does not."
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Guys! I am informed that it is some sort of day dedicated to spreading joy. I am all for this. (Some of you from waaaaay back in my #subcafe days may remember my inaugural "tell people that they rock," day.)

In this spirit, and knowing that everyone is best pleased by different things, I am offering a virtual cornucopia of things designed to bring joy. By commenting, you can have any combination of the following a la carte options:

1) A drabble. (Doctor Who, Dexter, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Life on Mars, Due South, Ocean's 11, Firefly, Dead Like Me, BSG, assorted comics (X-Men, Gen-X, Runaways, Y: The Last Man, etc.), Dogma, House, Dark is Rising, Narnia, Heroes, Harry Potter, Torchwood, or things you won't know about until you ask.)
2) An icon.
3) A reason I think you rock.
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Two birthdays today:

1) Canada is 141! (Fireworks, yay!)

2) The Theory of Natural Selection is 150! (Evolution and enlightenment, yay! I'm partly a biologist, do I need to tell you how much I think Darwin rocks? Origin of Species may be one of the most important books written, IMHO, but every time I open it, I am filled with an almost overwhelming urge to build a time machine, travel back through time, and hit him about the head with a sack of periods. Several of my peers would have handed him some of Mendel's papers, but I digress.)

In relation to 2) above, it should be stated that I love hanging out with engineers and scientists, and students of related fields. It should be noted that this is partially the same group of last year's "Wow, Ultimate Fight Club is gayer than gay porn," outing.

We were at the pub last night, and conversation, predictably, turned to wormhole physics, the nature of time, why we use base 10 and how other systems would be just as logical, how a structure as complex as the human eye degrades in the absence of selective pressure, the mocking of creationist propaganda (some of the videos are comic gold), frustration regarding "environmentalists" who know dick-all about environmental science, and a fairly measured discussion on religion, and how physicists, engineers, and biologists would be ranked in accordance to increasing levels of atheism.

The friends who you go drinking with to discuss science and religion are, I think, perhaps the best kind.
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There are things I should be doing/saying, but instead I bring you:

Scenes from a night on the town (cursing-reduced version, with various other conversational threads removed)

Ultimate Fight Championship *is on the screens at the bar*

"Is it just me, or are the levels of homoeroticism really effing high?"

"No, this is possibly the gayest thing I've ever seen."

"I think it might the gayest thing I've seen, and I've watched gay porn."

"You ever notice that men keep looking for excuses to strip down to their undies and touch each other all over?"

"Dude, there wouldn't be so much macho posturing if they weren't compensating for something."

"Maybe you have to have a penis to understand?"

"Ladies, I have a penis, and I still don't understand."

"Are they... Seriously, they're necking. There is no other way to explain what they are doing."

"This is what people mean when they say lovers are tangled up in each other. Lost in each other. When you picture that, this is exactly what you see."

"I... I can't stop watching. It's hypnotic."

"They are actually just rolling around and hugging each other at this point."

"Is he humping his leg?"

"You know, when women do this on television they call it soft-core porn."

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