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For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture (and probably have nothing to do with vidding or Adrian Veidt), I am looking for cold war and/or nuclear - type footage. Due to my position on Things, this is not a movie/television genre I have explored myself. In addition, my earliest political-type memory involved one of my fourth grade classmates dressing up as OJ Simpson for Halloween because his parents told him to, and all of us being rather confused.

In other news, I have finally watched some Merlin (through 2x03), and all I have to say is: Guys, think back to this point when you're trying to figure out why Morgana has locked you all into trees and rocks and towers and whatnot.
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Title: Dark Room
Fandom: Merlin
Music: Dark Room - Sarah Slean
Summary: Things fall apart; the center cannot hold. VVC '09 Premiere.

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Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] elynross for beta.
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Title: Unsteady Ground
Fandom: Merlin
Music: Unsteady Ground - Catherine Feeny
Summary: Morgana can see the shape of things to come. (Morgana, Ensemble)

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