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Title: Feel Good, Inc.
Fandom: Ocean's Eleven
Music: Feel Good, Inc. - Gorillaz
Summary: It's ephemeral style. (Don't stop, get it, get it.)

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Notes: Made for BASCon 2010. Many thanks to [ profile] elynross and [ profile] hollywoodgrrl for beta, and indulging me as I took the opportunity to just try to do something fun.
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New Fic: Chump Change
Fandom: Ocean's Eleven
Summary: Danny met Rusty at the New York State Fair.
Notes: Danny/Rusty, 14A. For [ profile] aerye.

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I have been pondering the possibility of producing a holiday ficathon for Ocean's 11. Because Ocean's 11 is love. Now, this wouldn't be strictly a Secret Santa -- there are too many deadlines around Christmas/New Year's time already. It would be more of a Three Kings deal, with stories not being due until later -- I'm thinking the end of January. After the Christmas rush, but before students (read: me) start with midterms. This means you'd have almost three months to complete your story.

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[ profile] takethehouse assignments are going up. If you have any interest in O11, check it out.

My humble contribution: (It's done, I did it and it's DONE.)

Title: Buy Now, Pay Later
Summary: Tess is a bigger liar than Danny has ever been. Rusty/Tess, Rusty/Danny, Danny/Tess. 14A
Rating: 14A
Spoilers: Though the end of Ocean's 12.
Recipient: [info]atrata
Warnings: Tess.
Notes: Springing from: Rusty/Danny from an outside perspective, Rusty/Tess during Danny's prison time. Also with post-O12 material.

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13 icons, assorted characters.

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As always:
- Comment and enjoy
- Credit is nice, but really not necessary
- I'll be keeping the bases around for a couple of days, so if there's anything specific you'd like me to make/modify, just ask
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I have major homework due on Tuesday. So what do I do?

I spend the day writing a fic.

Ocean's 11, 14A

Tess, Rusty, six to eight months, and the life that went before. The con is all about who we are.

Thanks to [ profile] welshwitch, for checking my French. Archival: My site, , list archives (Are there any Ocean's 11 archives?). They've been around since the sixties, I've been around since the mid-eighties. I obviously don't own them.

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