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Inspection of my user info reveals a rather startling fact -- I recently missed the five-year anniversary of this journal.

Five years. I'd be a fandom dino if I'd stuck around in any given fandom for any length of time. I've adjusted to my role as a perpetual neophyte, though looking back, I'd really thought I'd be well on my way to internet famous by now. Oh, the fancies of youth.

Looking back, I also find it rather remarkable that anyone flisted me at all. My first entry is rather representative of the blathering, internet-awkward entries I used to post, often daily, and sometimes multiple times per day. As for the writing -- well, let's just say that at that point, I fit in perfectly at

Look, I was 16, okay?

I've made a number of amazing friends through this journal -- some of you, I feel like I've known forever; some of you have taught me an amazing amount about writing, about approaches to visual design, about vidding, about constructing logical arguments; some of you never fail to make my day brighter; some of you I now consider in the same breath as the people I see every day.

I'd just like to say thank you, for that. And to those of you who've been around since the start -- thank you for putting up with me when I was just another teenage fangirl.

The one thing I do regret: Choosing the pseudonym 'Cherry Ice.' This is not a name that engenders confidence. I mean, it's not 'Princess Scarlett Darquemist Elvenstar,' but it's pretty darn close.

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