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Quick update, as I have recently received text messages inquiring as to whether or not I was dead. Am not dead yet, just incredibly, insanely busy.

This is not a Torchwood reaction post (it was BRUNG). Nor is a letter to my Yuletide writer, for which I apologize. Both are forthcoming.

Instead, this is a silly bit I was tossing around with [ profile] tellitslant tonight, the first time I've been online in... well, some time. Her bits are removed, as they are mostly "OW MY BRAIN." She started it though, with talk of some sort of RPF in which DT has never had a physical reaction to anyone but SM ev-ah. The bits she c/p'd to me hurt my brain.

This? Is my first Drose story, R/R PLZZ. )

AN: If I get enough rvws I will keep going and I think in the next one Rose will find a crystal that gives her super KNOWLEDGE and she has to use it to fly the TARDIS and save teh Doctor!

Disclaimer: No small furry creatures were harmed in the creation of this chat log. Not to be taken seriously, srsly.

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