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You know what I could really use right now?* Computer trouble.

I am attempting to take advantage of my friends' knowledge! I ran a standard permissions repair and a disk verification on my computer. Disk verification failed and shouted at me in angry red letters.

Invalid volume file count
Invalid volume directory count

The volume Macintosh HD needs to be repaired

Error: Filesystem verify or repair failed

I don't suppose anyone has any suggestions? Other than 'choose between bread/lettuce and computers?' I am so hoping that I am not pooched.

* (It's not like I'm already concerned I may have started stress-vomiting or anything.)

AHHHHHH, why aren't any of my external hard drives loading?
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I was still holding out some hope that my inability to view embedded streaming video from iMeem was a glitch.

However, via [ profile] dreamrequiem

"This week, we’re making some changes to imeem’s video embed and video upload policies. Starting today, only videos from official artist profiles and the imeem jukebox can be embedded and played beyond imeem. This means you’re no longer able to take videos that you or other users have uploaded and embed them for playback on widgets outside We have also limited the length of video uploads to eight minutes each."

This is exceedingly unfortunate. Does anyone have a different service that they use? Preferably with a higher-quality image than YouTube, and one not prone to pulling vids/deleting accounts.

Bueller? Bueller?
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A very happy (and similarly, very belated birthday) to two of my most favourite people on the internet -- [ profile] thefourthvine and [ profile] tellitslant!

Things which are awesome: for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, I obtained funding for a laptop, and am now the proud owner of a Toshiba M750 tablet! I can write on the screen! I have never owned a PC before, though, so am curious as to what applications my more experienced friends think are necessary. Now, this is going to be a school machine -- I'm planning on keeping all my media on my desktop computer, so I don't need recommendations for vidding software or anything of the like. Neat or useful program recommendations would be awesome, as well as resources. If anyone uses a good reference/paper database program, I would love to hear it. Unfortunately, Papers (which is awesome), only has a Mac version.

And, somewhat belatedly:

Dear Yuletide Author: while I am clearly made of fail for not getting this up sooner... )
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Say one had made a rather pretty header for one's livejournal. If one were using the Flexible Squares (S2) layout, how would it be inserted into the journal layout? An attempt was made, but the silly thing is currently floating BEHIND the journal part of my journal, and I'd really it was visible.

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