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Title: Dying
Fandom: Torchwood
Music: Hole
Rating: 14A
Character: Team
Spoilers: Season One
Summary: It gets under your skin.

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Notes: This is the first of two vids I made for this year's VividCon -- the second should be up tomorrow. This was for the fabulous [ profile] laurashapiro's Newbies Rock vid show.

There is no way that I can provide enough thanks for [ profile] elynross for this one, as she went far, far above and beyond the call of duty for any beta. Without her, it would have been a much different vid.
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Now, I'm going to say right off the bat that I don't meta much. This is readily self-apparent.

With that out of the way: I'd like to talk about Jack Harkness for a bit.

Included are specific spoilers for S1 and S2 of Doctor Who, and a bit of vagueness for aired S3. Brief reference to That Utopia Clip JB showed on Jonathon Ross a few weeks back, and mention of trailer tidbits, and speculation for Utopia.

On Jack Harkness, Nine, Ten, and Companion Relationships, OR My Wishes For Tomorrow's Who. )

In conclusion: JACK!
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Yuletide recs, hurrah! 12 stories, 10 fandoms.

A Thousand Miles (Avatar: the Last Airbender*) Iroh and Zuko, immediately after the Agni Kai. This story breaks me in the best possible way. Iroh does what only he can, and Zuko is so very adrift and hurting. This is full of wonderful little details, and I think this is probably the way that it happened.

Days of rest and gladness (Avatar: the Last Airbender) Momo! In a direct contrast to the above story, this is sweet and warm, like a summer's day or a favourite blanket.

A Jianghu Fairytale (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) Shu Lien and Li Mu Bai, how they met and how they will be remembered. Wistful and restrained.

Lives by Breaking (Chronicles of Narnia) Loss and love and forgetting. It never was a fairy tale, and this story gets that, gets being an adult in the body of a child and a child in the body of a monarch.

Into Seas Without a Shore (Dead Like Me) I may be biased here, because this was the story written for me, and I love it dearly. George, Joy, and Betty. It's about holding on and moving forward and letting go. There's a bit for everyone here, and the dialogue is perfect.

The Manipulated Dead (Donnie Darko) Sharp and twisted, just like the movie. It's like living inside of Donnie's head, leaving you off-balance and looking for something solid.

How Everything Turns Away (Heroes) Nathan, Daedalus, family, and hope at the end of all things.

"And the church bells softly chime." (Life on Mars) I'm picky about LoM fic, but this is just lovely. Perfect Chris voice, perfect Sam and Gene interaction.

His Girl on the Other Side of the World (Pattern Recognition) Sweet and floaty, with gorgeous prose.

Capriciousness (American Gods) Bast, in the new world. The entire piece feels delightfully feline.

Deep with the First Dead Lies London's Daughter (Torchwood) Ianto and Jack, immediately after Canary Wharf. Sharp like glass.

Rubik's (Torchwood) Gwen in pieces, and Suzie.

* It occurs to me, looking back at my LJ, that I have not actually mentioned my growing adoration for Avatar. It makes me want to talk in a "______ is love" sort of manner. I really need to find and flist some Avatar people so that I can express my squee.
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With the Torchwood premiere looming and excitement building, I am please to announce the "Build-a-Torchwood" challenge.

Ever wondered what would happen if Sarah Jane infiltrated the Torchwood Institute? Thought that Mickey would make an excellent addition to the team? Pictured Tegan reluctantly being stuffed into a position of power in the organization? Grinned at the thought of Rodney McKay joining another secret program defending the Earth from aliens, or Benton Fraser licking extraterrestrial artifacts? This is the challenge for you.

What is this, precisely?
Build-a-Torchwood is designed to encourage people to build their very own teams of win. You can use any characters that you'd like -- past companions, guest stars, characters from other fandoms.

Interested? More information and full guidelines may be found here.

I am posting to [ profile] tw_archives, [ profile] jack_in_cuffs, and [ profile] torch_wood. Can anyone think of a better, yet still appropriate, place to reach the general fandom?

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