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Title: Do No Harm
Fandom: Continuum
Music: Expectations - Sir Sly
Summary: I'm not a revolutionary.
Sonya Valentine.

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Notes: For [ profile] vividcon challenges 2016, Descent. This is the Sonya Valentine vid I've been wanting to make since I first saw the show. I have a lot of feelings about Sonya Valentine. And Sonya/Travis.
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Title: The Lights Are All Out
Fandom: Continuum
Music: One Way or Another - Until The Ribbon Breaks
Summary: Standing on a beach, facing the approaching tsunami.

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Notes: For luvtheheavan, Festivids 2015.
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Title: Centuries
Fandom: Continuum
Music: Centuries - Fall Out Boy
Summary: Hearts and minds, guns and bombs

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Notes: For luvtheheavan, Festivids 2015.
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Title: Life in a Glass House
Fandom: Entourage
Warnings: R for language.
Notes: Written for [ profile] black_eyedgirl in Yuletide 2008. It was my first attempt at this fandom as well, but it's a bit farther outside my usual, irregular fannish circles. It has been fun, if rather nerve-wracking.

Eric is too young to be having a midlife crisis.

It's the same fucking thing every time.
Read at the Yuletide archive or here: Life in a Glass House )
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I had the chance to write two pieces this year, both in fandoms I'd never gotten a crack at before. Those two posts are to follow.

I'm afraid I failed to compile a recs list before author names went live, but I really want to take a chance to mention the absolutely amazing stories I received.

This year, my request was in the 'Three remaining unfilled requests' list up until the last minute. I think this means I was somewhat troublesome for the fantastic organizers, for which I am sorry. On a selfish level, however, I have no problem with this whatsoever: it means I got four absolutely amazing stories. Three were Chronicles of the Kencyrath: That Which Preserves, a lush piece with gorgeous undertones, in which Kindrie contemplates the mercy of murder; the warm A Quiet Place, in which Kindrie finally gets a much-deserved moment of peace (<33); and Sins of the Fathers, a short, sharp, and chilling bit of reflection. I also received a Mambo Italiano piece, You Mixed Up Siciliano, which is a fabulous post-movie piece with a Nino who's finally come to terms with himself reaching out to the one friend who'd understand.

Hurrah for Yuletide!

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