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Title: Monsters of the Cosmos
Fandom: Thor
Music: Monsters of the Cosmos - Symphony of Science
Summary: In the last century, black holes have gone from being mathematical curiosities to real objects in the cosmos.

This is a vid about Jane Foster and her one true love, Science. Also, Thor is there.

Links: Download 1080p mp4, 146 MB | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: For [ profile] vividcon 2017. Warning for rapid cutting. Spot the physics metaphors! I've never gotten a chance to use event horizons and universal gravitation as metaphors before, so this was a ton of fun to make.
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Title: Wait for a Minute
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Music: Wait for a Minute - tUnE-yArDs
Summary: I'm still trying to leave the high of violence behind.

Links: Download 1080p mp4, 268 MB | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: For [ profile] vividcon Premieres 2016. Warning for rapid cutting and physical violence.
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Title: Wow
Fandom: Sense and Sensibility (1995)
Music: Wow (TOKiMONSTA Remix) by Beck
Summary: (The course of true love never did run) smooth like a tidal wave.

Links: Download 1080p mp4, 184 MB | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: For [ profile] dkwilliams in [community profile] festivids 2016.
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Hi! Hello! Hey there!

Hopefully, by the time you get here, this has been replaced with a much more coherent and helpful letter. In the interim, I would just like to say that my request primarily fall into two categories:

1) Space is awesome, and we have the documentaries to prove it,

2) Awesome ladies being awesome in space (Jane Foster, River Song, Romana, Zhaan)

Anything that fits that criteria, I will be super happy with! I'm extremely flexible on music choice. I think you can make pretty much any song if you lean into it.

And now, finally, belated, a letter!

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Title: Do No Harm
Fandom: Continuum
Music: Expectations - Sir Sly
Summary: I'm not a revolutionary.
Sonya Valentine.

Links: Download 720p mp4, 140 MB | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: For [ profile] vividcon challenges 2016, Descent. This is the Sonya Valentine vid I've been wanting to make since I first saw the show. I have a lot of feelings about Sonya Valentine. And Sonya/Travis.
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Title: The Lights Are All Out
Fandom: Continuum
Music: One Way or Another - Until The Ribbon Breaks
Summary: Standing on a beach, facing the approaching tsunami.

Links: Download (720p mp4 - 165 MB, 98 MB) | Streaming (YouTube) | Original Festivids Post (LJ/DW)

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Notes: For luvtheheavan, Festivids 2015.
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Title: Centuries
Fandom: Continuum
Music: Centuries - Fall Out Boy
Summary: Hearts and minds, guns and bombs

Links: Download (720p mp4 - 108 MB, 83 MB) | Streaming (YouTube) | Original Festivids Post (LJ/DW)

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Notes: For luvtheheavan, Festivids 2015.
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Title: Hydrogenuine
Fandom: Jupiter Ascending
Music: Hydrogenuine - USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker)
Summary: I am simply here to assist.

Links: Download (1080p mp4 - 142 MB) | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: Premiered at [ profile] vividcon 2015.
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Title: Trouble
Fandom: Despicable Me 1&2
Music: Trouble - P!nk
Summary: One big unicorn, strong and free, thought he was happy as he could be.

Links: Download (720p 190 MB mp4) | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: VividCon Premieres, 2014.
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Title: i i e e e
Fandom: Let the Right One In
Music: i i e e e - Tori Amos
Summary: Why can't it be beautiful?
Warnings: Violence. Violence between children. Blood. (Let me know if I'm missing anything!)
Links: Download (1080p 148 MB mp4) | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: Made for the Childhood show, VividCon 2014.
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I am super behind on things! Pretend that this post is from before the big Yuletide reveal! And that there is a reason to use this many exclamation points!

I got two awesome stories this year!

Something in the Guns [The Walking Dead], which is a lovely character study of Andrea and Dale post 2x05;

Ms. Frizzle and the Van School for Gifted Boys [The Magic School Bus, Inception, Calvin and Hobbes, Torchwood/Doctor Who, BSG, Fringe], in which there is a multi-fandom field trip to the Large Hadron Collider. I don't think I need to tell you how happy that makes me!

I didn't bother doing the 'guess what I wrote!' thing this year, because one of the stories I wrote was in a fandom I have never mentioned (because that is how I roll, and the first sign of a fandom from me is often 'Hey, look, here's a vid in a thing that I enjoy!'), and other was pretty much jumping up and down and hollering about how I wrote it.

In other year-end thingies I am getting to after the year ends:

Vidding Meme!

February: L.E.S. Artistes [Terminator Movies, Sarah Connor, Festivids pinch hit]
August: Land's End [Doctor Who, River Song]
Gotta Boyfriend? [Scott Pilgrim vs the World]
We Rule the World [My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]

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There was another meme going around a while back where you could ask writers or vidders about any of their choices! I don't remember exactly how it went, but something about if you had choices at song/clip/word choice or characterization or intent, you could ask! In the off chance, you are interested, ask away! If you ask about anything I wrote in high school, however, my answer will likely be along the lines of "Well, at that point, I also thought it was a good idea to name myself after a snow cone/popsicle/etc."
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Here is a year-end wrap-up, coming to you belatedly from the new year! I made about twice as many vids this year as I usually do, eight as opposed to three to four.

Other milestones reached when I wasn't paying attention: I have apparently been on LJ for nine years. That is almost a decade. In this time, I have apparently made just over 1000 posts, which is actually more than I expected. I suppose I used to be spammier.

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Other things I did this year:
Moderated a motion panel at VVC, and promised I would post the notes. I still have the notes, but I doubt anyone is interested.

I did an interview with [ profile] vid_commentary, which can be found here.

Three fics (two of which I am actually extremely proud of):
The Shape of a Sooner State - Fringe
A Case of Curious Tuesdays - Pushing Daisies
(waves) break upon the shore - Inception
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Title: Feel Good, Inc.
Fandom: Ocean's Eleven
Music: Feel Good, Inc. - Gorillaz
Summary: It's ephemeral style. (Don't stop, get it, get it.)

Links: Download (38 MB, DIVX, zipped) | Stream (YouTube)

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Notes: Made for BASCon 2010. Many thanks to [ profile] elynross and [ profile] hollywoodgrrl for beta, and indulging me as I took the opportunity to just try to do something fun.
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I did an interview for [ profile] vid_commentary's interview series, in which I wibbled and wobbled and went on at great length, and may have taken some time to gush and tangent wildly.

It can be found here!
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Title: Glass
Fandom: Watchmen
Music: Glass - Bat for Lashes
Summary: The battle becomes blinding.

Links: Download (47 MB, DIVX, zipped) | Stream (YouTube)

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Notes: VVC 2010 Premiere. Many thanks to [ profile] hollywoodgrrl and [ profile] obsessive24 for beta.
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Title: Body of Years
Fandom: Power Play
Music: Body of Years - Mother Mother
Summary: Ghosts are not the only things that haunt you.

Links: Download (36 MB, DIVX, zipped) | Stream (YouTube)

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Notes: For the Oh Canada vidshow at VVC 2010. Power Play is the show of my heart, and I only hope that the vid comes close to capturing it. Many thanks to [ profile] elynross for beta, and [ profile] serrico for making this show available for the first time since it went off the air.
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VVC sure is creeping up, isn't it? I'm moderating a panel on motion this year (eep!), and am attempting to get things all put together. This is the description that's in the program:

An aesthetics panel on motion and movement, including approaches and techniques. At what point can we differentiate motion and movement used stylistically from that which is incorporated into the fabric of the narrative? We'll look at using smaller, unobtrusive movement to create continuity and unify a vid versus the use of larger 'impact' moment at musical or narrative crescendos, flowing movement versus the deliberately jarring, and creating internal rhythms as a compliment or counterpoint to music and storytelling.

Which I am starting to think might have been a bit optimistic for a 45 minute session. *G* So, guys, let's talk about motion! I'm synaesthetic with regards to music -- my senses are so awesome they couldn't be contained into neat little sense-boxes, so music itself has texture and movement to me -- which means I process vids a bit differently that some. I've got lots of things that are gradually drawing together, but it is not complete, and it makes me think about how much I love swirly-flowy motion vids.

So: What vids do you love with respect to motion and movement? Moments that took your breath away? Are there techniques or areas you think are of special interest?
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Have you ever wanted to ask me a question about vidding? How about [ profile] wistful_fever, [ profile] fan_eunice, [ profile] heresluck, or [ profile] sdwolfpup? We've all agreed to be part of [ profile] vid_commentary's interview series, so you can head on over to this post for more details.
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I'm having trouble with exporting my Premieres vid. (My awesomeness, let me know you it!) I'm running Final Cut Pro, and I have a system that usually works pretty well, using Compressor, but it is flummoxed by my aspect ratio!

My Premieres vid is in ultra wide screen -- 2.5:1, rather than 16:9, and I cannot figure out any export technique that doesn't make it horridly squishy and distorted and unwatchable. I did my .avi export by trimming the bars from my clipping program and manually resizing it to source dimensions, but I cannot do this with the high quality export!

I've tried close to twenty combinations of import/export/encodes, and I am completely at a loss. Any guidance at all would be greatly appreciated.
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Title: Gasoline and Matches
Fandom: Bones
Music: Gasoline and Matches - Buddy and Julie Miller
Summary: Baby, I'm incarcerated -- and I don't want out. Booth/Brennan
Notes: Made for [ profile] yahtzee63 in [ profile] help_haiti. She wanted something B/B, flirty and fun. Beta by [ profile] elynross. Spoilers through most of the 5th season.

Links: Download (30 MB, DIVX, zipped) | Stream (YouTube)

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