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Title: Monsters of the Cosmos
Fandom: Thor
Music: Monsters of the Cosmos - Symphony of Science
Summary: In the last century, black holes have gone from being mathematical curiosities to real objects in the cosmos.

This is a vid about Jane Foster and her one true love, Science. Also, Thor is there.

Links: Download 1080p mp4, 146 MB | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: For [ profile] vividcon 2017. Warning for rapid cutting. Spot the physics metaphors! I've never gotten a chance to use event horizons and universal gravitation as metaphors before, so this was a ton of fun to make.
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Title: Wait for a Minute
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Music: Wait for a Minute - tUnE-yArDs
Summary: I'm still trying to leave the high of violence behind.

Links: Download 1080p mp4, 268 MB | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: For [ profile] vividcon Premieres 2016. Warning for rapid cutting and physical violence.
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Title: Do No Harm
Fandom: Continuum
Music: Expectations - Sir Sly
Summary: I'm not a revolutionary.
Sonya Valentine.

Links: Download 720p mp4, 140 MB | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: For [ profile] vividcon challenges 2016, Descent. This is the Sonya Valentine vid I've been wanting to make since I first saw the show. I have a lot of feelings about Sonya Valentine. And Sonya/Travis.
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Title: Hydrogenuine
Fandom: Jupiter Ascending
Music: Hydrogenuine - USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker)
Summary: I am simply here to assist.

Links: Download (1080p mp4 - 142 MB) | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: Premiered at [ profile] vividcon 2015.
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Title: Trouble
Fandom: Despicable Me 1&2
Music: Trouble - P!nk
Summary: One big unicorn, strong and free, thought he was happy as he could be.

Links: Download (720p 190 MB mp4) | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: VividCon Premieres, 2014.
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Title: i i e e e
Fandom: Let the Right One In
Music: i i e e e - Tori Amos
Summary: Why can't it be beautiful?
Warnings: Violence. Violence between children. Blood. (Let me know if I'm missing anything!)
Links: Download (1080p 148 MB mp4) | Streaming (YouTube)

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Notes: Made for the Childhood show, VividCon 2014.
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Title: Flora, Fauna, First Wizard of Cinema
Fandom: Works of Georges Méliès, 1896-1913
Music: Flora/Fauna - Anamanaguchi
Summary: A long time ago (and far into the future) in a galaxy far, far away (and right here at home)...

Links: Download (86 MB mp4) | Streaming (YouTube) | AO3

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Notes: This is a video I've been wanting to make for some time -- at its core, it is simply a tribute to some of the works of Georges Méliès, what has survived, and been restored. While there were challenges related to the footage itself and the nature of the short films, this was really a labour of love. And on the up side: After working with footage from the 1890s, everything looks high definition.

Premiered at VVC '13 in the Brand New Classic Hits vidshow.
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Title: All Star Muppet Revue
Fandom: The Muppets (2011)
Music: All Star - Smashmouth
Summary: It's time to light the lights -- because hey now, you're an all star.

Links: Download (105 MB mp4 - best quality) | Download (37 MB mp4) | Streaming (YouTube) | AO3

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Notes: My premiere for VVC 2013! Huge, gigantic amounts of thanks to [ profile] hollywoodgrrl for fixing my audio problems, and showing me the light re: mp4s. <3
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Hey folks! [ profile] jetpack_monkey and I are putting on a vid show for VVC this year, called Brand New Classic Hits. It's going to be composed of vids with source that comes from 1969 or earlier, and it's going to be pretty freaking sweet.

To help optimize the amount of sweetness, we could use some recommendations! There's a suggestion form here, where you can babble on about something totally awesome you (or someone else) made. If you have any interest in making a premiere -- if there's, say, a 2001 vid *whistles innocently* you've been dying to make, or you want to play with Betty Boop, or you've been looking for an excuse to vid silent films or the original Planet of the Apes or Hitchcock or old musicals, we would totally love to show off your talents.
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Title: Rude Boy Resort
Fandom: Iron Man I/II
Music: Rude Boy Resort - DJ Schmolli
Summary: Boy, are you big enough?

Links: Download (100 MB, DIVX, zipped) | Stream (YouTube)

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Notes: Tony feels: I have them. VVC Premieres '12. Many thanks to [ profile] hollywoodgrrl for last minute beta. I know the downloadable file is about twice the normal size, but I promise it's also at least twice as shiny as normal! I'm working on a smaller one.
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Title: We Rule the World
Fandom: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Music: We Rule the World - Dragonette
Summary: Ponies! <3

Links: Download (42 MB, DIVX, zipped) | Stream (YouTube)

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Notes: VVC Premieres '11. Unfortunately, there was a technical problem that caused desynchronization of the audio on the version that showed in Premieres and made it on to the con DVDs. If you would like a properly synchronized version, this is the place to get it!

Many thanks to [ profile] hollywoodgrrl for last minute beta and [ profile] kuwdora for endless encouragement.
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Title: Gotta Boyfriend?
Fandom: Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Music: Gotta Boyfriend - Frankmusik
Summary: I was thinking -- maybe we could share?

Links: Download (33 MB, DIVX, zipped) | Stream (YouTube)

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Notes: Made for Club Vivid at VVC 2011. Many thanks to [ profile] kuwdora and [ profile] rhoboat for egging me on encouragement.
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Title: Glass
Fandom: Watchmen
Music: Glass - Bat for Lashes
Summary: The battle becomes blinding.

Links: Download (47 MB, DIVX, zipped) | Stream (YouTube)

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Notes: VVC 2010 Premiere. Many thanks to [ profile] hollywoodgrrl and [ profile] obsessive24 for beta.
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Title: Body of Years
Fandom: Power Play
Music: Body of Years - Mother Mother
Summary: Ghosts are not the only things that haunt you.

Links: Download (36 MB, DIVX, zipped) | Stream (YouTube)

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Notes: For the Oh Canada vidshow at VVC 2010. Power Play is the show of my heart, and I only hope that the vid comes close to capturing it. Many thanks to [ profile] elynross for beta, and [ profile] serrico for making this show available for the first time since it went off the air.
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Title: T.K.O.
Fandom: Life on Mars (UK)
Music: T.K.O. - Le Tigre
Summary: Sam, it's the voices. We've been talking, and we're beginning to become concerned for your well-being.

Links: Download (34 MB, DIVX, zipped) | Stream (YouTube)

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Notes: Club Vivid, 2010. Beta and encouragement by [ profile] elynross and [ profile] rhoboat.
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Guys! Guys! It is almost time for VVC! It is one week until my birthday, and less than four days until I am on a plane! Nine hours after that, I will be touching down in Chicago! (That -- that is going to be a long day. Also, I think that makes it too late for me to do the free admission at the Art Institute of Chicago that evening. Boooo.)

Due to grad studies trying to eat my brains, and getting stuff for academic conferences done, I am afraid I have not been making plans to see awesome people, or becoming aware of gathering-type things. Pretty much what I am saying is that if anyone wants to hang out and/or attend an activity/meal concurrently with me, they should let me know.

VVC is going to be FUN, guys. I am just letting you know.

OMG, I have so many things to do before I go. (For one, there was going to be a post about how Power Play is the most awesome show you've never seen and you should watch it because there are going to be TWO awesome vids -- mine in Oh Canada and [ profile] serrico's in Premieres -- this will likely happen later; also, AHHHH research.)

Instead, however, I am going to go spend this day of the long weekend at the beach, and hope the lake doesn't have the itch.

Did you know Saskatchewan has mountains? Okay, they're not really mountains, and the first time I went through Alberta I mistook the foothills for GIGANTIC MOUTAINS, but we totally made a ski hill out of old cars! We also flooded the little valley thing by it so that there is a lake-ish type thing with pike, and it is just deep enough that some years, if you overturn a sailboat, the mast will get stuck in the muck.

Oh, wow, my hyperactivity is realllllllly bad right now. I have edited this post about four five times now, and I somehow doubt the extra words are making things seem more sensical, and to come from someone you totally want to hang out with.

VVC, wheeeeee!
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VVC sure is creeping up, isn't it? I'm moderating a panel on motion this year (eep!), and am attempting to get things all put together. This is the description that's in the program:

An aesthetics panel on motion and movement, including approaches and techniques. At what point can we differentiate motion and movement used stylistically from that which is incorporated into the fabric of the narrative? We'll look at using smaller, unobtrusive movement to create continuity and unify a vid versus the use of larger 'impact' moment at musical or narrative crescendos, flowing movement versus the deliberately jarring, and creating internal rhythms as a compliment or counterpoint to music and storytelling.

Which I am starting to think might have been a bit optimistic for a 45 minute session. *G* So, guys, let's talk about motion! I'm synaesthetic with regards to music -- my senses are so awesome they couldn't be contained into neat little sense-boxes, so music itself has texture and movement to me -- which means I process vids a bit differently that some. I've got lots of things that are gradually drawing together, but it is not complete, and it makes me think about how much I love swirly-flowy motion vids.

So: What vids do you love with respect to motion and movement? Moments that took your breath away? Are there techniques or areas you think are of special interest?
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Despite the fact that FCP hates me and at my Power Play vid for the Canadiana show, I am nearly finished it! I am entirely unable to be objective about it -- not because I love the vid itself, but because I have so very much love for the show. With CVV and Theme Show Premieres done, a young girl's heart turns to thoughts of Nearly New. Now, I have never submitted a vid to Nearly New before, but I do have two options!

What is everyone else sending? Do you usually submit to Nearly New? Do you have some sort of rubric, and does it allow you to decide before the very last minute?
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Confirmed for VVC!

Edit: Lesson learned from last year -- there is insufficient foliage for hiding behind! I shall have to provide my own, or concoct some other, more clever plan.

Confirmed because [ profile] laurashapiro is awesome and reg'd me while I was at work.
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I guess this is as good a time as any to mention -- I'm crossposting to DW, but I am still primarily located (and reading) on LJ. Most of my flist is there, and all of my filters are. *G*


Title: Dark Room
Fandom: Merlin
Music: Dark Room - Sarah Slean
Summary: Things fall apart; the center cannot hold. VVC '09 Premiere.

Title: Convenient Parking
Fandom: Dexter/Criminal Minds
Music: Convenient Parking - Sun Kil Moon
Summary: The Behavioral Analysis Unit goes hunting for the Bay Harbor Butcher. VVC '09 Challenges.

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