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A lot of you may remember the the Avatar casting debacle, in which the entire cast of a show inspired by, designed around, and in homage to various Asian and Inuit cultures, was whitewashed. Initial announcement includes: some random white kid from Texas they found at a martial arts contest as Aang, and Jesse McCartney as Zuko.

This was followed by Hai guyz, calm down, we found this, like, Sokka-looking fellow to play Zuko.

Now they've announced Fire Nation casting. On the one had: at least they're not all white. On the other, it appears that it's the 'bad guys,' the antagonists, the (arguably) whitest-looking nation, that gets to avoid the whitewashing.

Are there words for this, to sum up the massive fail? Because I am sure as hell having hard time finding any.

For those who haven't seen the series, there's a gorgeous pictoral overview at [ profile] aang_aint_white illustrating show's visual dynamic.
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Cast (OF FAIL) for M Night Shyamalan's Avatar Movie

For the love of whatever deity you hold dear, this is made of more kind of fail than I can articulate. Luckily, [ profile] rawles has done so for all of us.

Watch out for comments in the casting article -- there appear to be people trying to out-fail Shyamalan. Although, given where his credibility's been sitting after the last few 'movies,' it's possible that it's just him sitting there are valiantly defending himself against the uppity critics.

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