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2006-04-02 05:16 pm
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Fic: "Home (Float On)" [Firefly]

Well, Remix names are up, so I can reveal that I wrote Home (Float On) for TaraLJC.

I'm sure you were all a-tingle with anticipation, and I guess what I can say about it is at least she liked it. *G*

On a similar note, I'm not posting that LJ popularity meme, because y'all are incredibly more popular than I.

Now: Fic.

Home (Float On)
By [ profile] cherryice

Firefly, PG. Many thanks to [ profile] thefourthvine, who pulled off an amazing last-minute beta. This is a remix of Tara LJC's Home.

Growing up, Malcolm Reynolds never had much use for the stars.

Home (Float On) )
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2006-01-01 09:32 pm
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Fic: The Past and Pending

I'm slightly confused here, because it looks like there was more activity on my flist on New Year's Eve than there is on other, random nights. Whah?

Now, Firefly fic:

The Past and Pending
by [ profile] cherryice

Mal has never carried Zoe.

For [ profile] destroyed_radio in the [ profile] serenity_santa exchange.
Gen. Serenity spoilers. 14A/R.

The Past and Pending
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2005-09-12 03:39 pm
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Fic: Frame By Frame [Firefly/Doctor Who]

Title: Frame By Frame
Summary: Kaylee, dreaming with eyes wide open.
Notes: Written as a pinch hit in the Multiverse 2005 challenge. If you don't know much about Doctor Who, that's okay. Kaylee doesn't know much, either.
Feedback: Would make me love you forever.

Frame By Frame )
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2005-09-05 09:14 pm
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(no subject)

So I think this is going to be how I handle it: I'm going to cross post icons from my icon journal only when I know that there are a number of people here into the fandom. There are icons there that never make it here, but the last time I posted a poll, the overwhelming answer as to what I should do about icons was: It's your journal, why are you asking me.

Thusly: Firefly actress icons.

Image hosted by . Image hosted by

(Eight total here.)
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2005-05-10 09:47 pm
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Can't Take The Sky From Me

Image hosted by _ Image hosted by

Twelve Firefly Icons )

As always:
- Comment and enjoy.
- Credit is nice, but not necessary.

Caps from
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2004-08-16 03:36 pm
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Fic: As Wont To Do [Firefly/SG1]

Can I just say I find it highly amusing that I get many times more feedback posting anonymously than with things posted under *my* name?

Title: As Wont To Do
Fandom: Firefly/SG1
Summary: Inara’s leaving. Really, she is. (Inara/Daniel)
Notes: This was written for Jen as a part of the Multiverse 2004. I was a very last minute pinch-hitter (and faking one of the fandoms; no points for guessing which one) so I hope this is acceptable. I haven't heard from her yet, so I don't know if she likes it.

Laertes is a nowhere planet in a nowhere system -- seven days off the nearest Alliance trade route, three days off the better-travelled one used by those of some disrepute. )

Comments: Make the world go 'round.
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2004-01-10 02:25 am
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In which Cherry writes Firefly

Well, 'writes' may be pushing it. "In which Cherry proves she has attempted to write 'Firefly'" is perhaps more apt.

Live-In Skin

Mal, Zoe, and lines in the dirt -- all the reasons Wash never has to worry about anything between them.

Thanks to [ profile] shaiperihawk, for taking a look over this. I own nothing, and yet feel enough possesion to request that you ask me if you should by some twist of fate to wish to archive.

It should probably be noted that this is rather a departure of style for me -- I've written this style once only, and I'm well aware I typically rely on imagery.

Live-In Skin [Firefly, Mal, Zoe] )