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Hi! Hello! Hey there!

Hopefully, by the time you get here, this has been replaced with a much more coherent and helpful letter. In the interim, I would just like to say that my request primarily fall into two categories:

1) Space is awesome, and we have the documentaries to prove it,

2) Awesome ladies being awesome in space (Jane Foster, River Song, Romana, Zhaan)

Anything that fits that criteria, I will be super happy with! I'm extremely flexible on music choice. I think you can make pretty much any song if you lean into it.

And now, finally, belated, a letter!

Thor (Movies) Jane Foster; Jane Foster/Thor

I love Jane Foster a lot. I love that she loves science most of all. That she falls for Thor when he's trying to share his people's science. I love her friendship with Darcy and Eric. I love that she can hold an infinity stone inside of herself. I love when she saves the day by bossing people around with science. Jane/Thor is optional, but I do like them together a lot.

Fandom: Doctor Who (2005) River Song; The Doctor/River Song

Riiiiiiiver. I have so many feelings about River Song. I would love a River vid. Or a vid about all of the Ponds! Amy! Rory! <3 <3

I also love Jack and Martha and Clara, if for whatever reason you don't share my love of River. Eleven is my doctor, but Twelve has quite grown on me. I quite like the Nine-Rose-Jack run, too.

Ten is one of my least favourite fictional characters. I'm sorry. I just really, really hate him a lot.


Fandom: Farscape Zotoh Zhaan

I adore the inherent contradictions that are Zotoh Zhaan. Plant and predator, priestess and murderess. Anything about her and her friendships would make me so happy.

Fandom: Journey to the Edge of the Universe

Outer space is super great, and the universe is incredible and vast. I would love to see what fun you can have with this.

Fandom: Cosmos - Carl Sagan

I know a lot of this is dated, but it just has such a place in my heart. Sagan's enthusiasm is so charming. I love the spirit of adventure and exploration.

Fandom: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Space! Science! Physics! Occasional dinosaurs! What is not to love?

Fandom: Doctor Who (1963) Romana I, Romana II, Romana (Doctor Who), Fourth Doctor; Fourth Doctor/Romana

Romana! Romana, please! Growth and adventure and wobbly sets and Paris. I also quite like the runs Five, Two, and Three had, and their companions.
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