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Title: Rude Boy Resort
Fandom: Iron Man I/II
Music: Rude Boy Resort - DJ Schmolli
Summary: Boy, are you big enough?

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Notes: Tony feels: I have them. VVC Premieres '12. Many thanks to [ profile] hollywoodgrrl for last minute beta. I know the downloadable file is about twice the normal size, but I promise it's also at least twice as shiny as normal! I'm working on a smaller one.
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Title: Breakfast is the Most Important Meal
Author: [ profile] cherryice
Fandom and Pairing: Avengers, Steve/Tony
Notes: I blame [ profile] silverakira and [ profile] kuwdora for encouraging me when I said that Tony and Emma should be BFFs, then capslocking with me. I do however, thank them for their patience! Especially [ profile] silverakira, as she was excellent enough to beta even after this got a little away on me. Contains references to PTSD and a canonical suicide attempt by a minor character.
Wordcount: 11,100
Summary: In which Steve is kind of a fossil but his squishy parts and feelings are still intact, Bruce hates blueberries, there's a mysterious banging coming from Tony's lab in the basement, and Emma Frost is not actually a stripper.

Also at the AO3.

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