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Title: The Beat and the Pulse
Author: [ profile] cherryice
Fandom: Power Play <3<3<3<3
Pairing: Colleen Blessed/Brett Parker
Notes: For [ profile] atatteredrose in Yuletide 2011!
So, apparently I forgot to also post this! This is the story that was basically jumping up and down and waving its arms around and hollering that I wrote it, as it is A) Power Play, B) a song title from a Canadian indie band in high rotation on CBC Radio 3, and C) POWER PLAY. Which is the show of my heart. And a shows whose fannish works I have now created 2/5ths of.

Colleen's life is easier without Brett Parker. (Easier isn't everything.)

Read at the Ao3 or here: The Beat and the Pulse )
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Title: Body of Years
Fandom: Power Play
Music: Body of Years - Mother Mother
Summary: Ghosts are not the only things that haunt you.

Links: Download (36 MB, DIVX, zipped) | Stream (YouTube)

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Lyrics )

Notes: For the Oh Canada vidshow at VVC 2010. Power Play is the show of my heart, and I only hope that the vid comes close to capturing it. Many thanks to [ profile] elynross for beta, and [ profile] serrico for making this show available for the first time since it went off the air.

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