Oct. 28th, 2014

cherry: (seasonal)
My dearest, most darling Festividder:

Let me start out by saying that you're awesome. I don't know who you are, but I know the previous statement to be true because you clearly love awesome things.

(I'm repeating the first bit of my letter verbatim from last year, as my general preference have not changed.)

There are no notes on music selection, because I'm good with pretty much anything. I listen to everything from country to hip hop to classical, with a lot of hipster tendencies thrown in. I'm not a huge fan of death metal, but I really think you can make absolutely any song work if you vid it with intent. General vid thoughts: I love motion, character studies, humour, seriousness lurking below humour, humour spun out of seriousness, serious deconstructions, SCIENCE, magic, things that are just plain fun, things that are thinky, things that are things, awesome ladies, awesome characters in general, and awesome adventures. You also have pretty much carte blanch permission to go hay-wild on any and all BBC nature documentaries, if the urge strikes you. (As with all reasonable human beings, I <3 David Attenbourough.)


Brooklyn Nine-Nine [TV] )

Continuum [TV] )

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers [Still Image] )

The Muppets (live action) [Movie, TV, DVD, Web, Performance, Other] )

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) [Movie] )

Planet Earth [TV] )

Power Play [TV] )

Teen Titans Go! [TV] )

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