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Hi! Hello! Sorry this is late. If you've already started or you have ideas, please feel free to completely disregard everything I'm about to say! I'm sure I'll love whatever you make me. I want you to have fun, and I'm incredibly easy to persuade on music choice.

That said:

I love this movie a lot; how it plays with language and time and causality, how it gives you time to breathe and think. I love Louise Banks the most.

Hidden Figures
I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR. EVERYONE. These women are hecking amazing. Things I loved most about this movie: these ladies, friendship, science, resistance and perseverance, space.

Frankenstein series
There are so many interesting ways to go with this, and I'd be happy with any of them! Serious look at the ethical questions raised re: Frankenstein, homage to old school monster movies, kitschy and campy and irreverent - they would all be great in their own way.

Rear Window
My thoughts on this are fairly similar to the Frankenstein series, above. There are different ways to go with this. It would be wonderful to see something atmospheric and moody and tense, utilizing the cinematography, but it would also be interesting to see something that acknowledges its place in cinematic history, playing off the degree to which it has been homaged.

Thanks so much, mystery vidder! I think you're swell.

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